The World after the Pandemic

BISLA Virtual Conference

29 May – 30 May 2020

”In short, it will no longer be the problem of exclusion, as with leprosy, or of quarantine, as with the plague, but of epidemics and the medical campaigns that try to halt epidemic or endemic phenomena” 

Michel Foucault in Security, Territory, Population, p. 10

If you are interested in being part of fruitful discussions with our panellists and guests, you can register for one or both days, when you click on registration. However, due to technical reasons, the number of participants in the zoom call is limited, therefore the registration is on the first come, first served basis. Others are more then welcome to watch the live-streamed discussions of YouTube and ask questions through platform.

The first ever BISLA Virtual Conference is held in partnership with Central European University and Bard College in Berlin… read more

Facing reality

… reflect upon what kind of an influence COVID-19 will have upon various areas of our lives… read more

Finding hope

… even during these unpredictable times, it is important to search for some relief… read more

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